TW: Self Harm

Trying to decide what I should get tattooed on my forearm to cover up the tiny little scars I have from when I was 19 and one of my exes abused me into cutting myself with a wire.  I’m getting tired of seeing them and having to remember myself at what I consider to be one of the lowest points in my life.

Fortunately, I shouldn’t have to worry about what I get since my life is devoted to academia and as long as I publish/research/bathe, I don’t expect that my future employers will care overly much. 


To be perfectly clear, loves: I don’t object to a Maleficent fashion line from Hot Topic. I’m just wary about what the quality of fabric and construction will be like. And the wire-frame horns ARE really cute.

I’m with Jillian on this one.  I really love the bat wing pullover  (minus the hood), but Hot Topic and fabric quality don’t usually go hand in hand in my experience.  Still tempted to pre-order, though…



Alright our lovely little witches, here is your chance to win some ghostly goodies from Omnia Oddities!

Win the following items:
· One (1) “The Séance” sterling silver amulet
  with natural moonstone on 24” sterling chain.
· Two (2) Planchette Omnia logo tees in sizes
  s - xxxl. (One for you, one for a friend you tag.
  If you do not tag a friend only ONE shirt will be
· One (1) “The Séance” clear resin bangle in size
  small or standard.

The Rules:
· You must reblog and FOLLOW.
· Do not delete the original text.
· No giveaway only blogs.
· Must be atleast 18 years old or have parent or
  guardian’s permission to enter.
· Tag a friend. (optional)

Giveaway ends and winner chosen at random on:
04/21/14 @ 9pm EDT.

Contest is open to all, we ship world-wide. :)

Good Luck

I don’t think I can adequately express how much I would love to win this contest. (That planchette necklace!) Such beautiful things! Tagging kambriel, because I know she’d love to see these, too.

The bangle!  Oooo

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